Hojicha Premium Classic Roast Tea Bags

Hojicha Premium Classic Roast Tea Bags

Richly aromatic roasted green tea with a robust smoky caramel flavour. Comes with a resealable opening to maintain the freshness of tea bags.


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Hojicha is made by roasting steamed tea leaves for some time. The roasting of Hojicha removes most of the caffeine in the tea and it also gives it a rich, aromatic fragrance and a robust smoky caramel flavour. Our Hojicha Classic Roast Tea bags comes in a resealable bag consisting 20 tea bags to help keep the aroma and freshness of tea bags for longer. Enjoy this comforting tea at any time of the day, a delightful drink on its own or accompanying a meal.

How to prepare:

Steep one tea bag in 250 ml of freshly boiled water for two and a half minutes. Remove the tea bag and allow tea to rest for 60 seconds.

Additional information

Net Weight

20 x 3 grams (20 tea bags)


Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan

Roast Notes

Richly aromatic with a robust smoky caramel flavour.


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What is hojicha?

Hojicha is roasted Japanese green tea. It has a reddish-brown colour and has a fragrant, toasty aroma. Hojicha powder is made from hojicha tea ground into a fine powder.

What does hojicha taste like?

Usually, hojicha will have a “roasted” flavor with nutty undertones and caramel notes. This flavour sometimes resembles coffee, tea or dark chocolate to various degrees.

How does hojicha compare to other Japanese green tea?

It does not have the vegetal taste typical of other Japanese green teas. The roasting process also reduces caffeine content in the tea leaves, and this gives hojicha extremely low caffeine content.

What can you make with hojicha powder?

Finely ground Hojicha powder is most frequently used to make hojicha lattes. But it is also a versatile and easy ingredient that can be used for hojicha-flavoured baked goods.

Why should you try hojicha?

Hojicha has a taste that is very easy to appreciate. It also makes for a great alternative to morning coffee for people looking to quit coffee.

What is the difference between our Dark Roast and Classic Roast Hojicha powders?

Both have a fragrant nutty aroma and provide a silky texture when made into lattes.

  • Dark Roast has a deeper roasted flavour that borders on chocolatey and is slightly sweeter.
  • Classic Roast is roasted less intensely and there is a more noticeable tea fragrance amidst the roasted flavours.

How do you make lattes with hojicha?

Mix 3 tsp of hojicha powder into about 60 ml of water.

Add milk and sweeten to taste. Enjoy!

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